Allan Gardens Proof Blanket 1, 2017 (18' x 24' )

I want to think about ways that our society values people, about ways that we value each other, whether its fabricated or natural.

I want Susan to know that I have her.

I want to have proof of the things she is dealing with.

I want Cathy to exhale and lay her body on the fabric with all of us surrounding her and I want her to feel that we love and appreciate her.

That she is our family, the strong hearted one, my friend.

I want my friends to hold me like I hold them.

I want my family to hold me.

I want BC to keep singing out loud and for all of us to sing with him.

I feel that there are a lot of moments where I feel I have that when I'm in this park, like there is a community here for me and that we were brought together to meet each other somehow.

Their stories, their lives, the bodies that walk by and that I know are filled with love are important.

This work was an attempt at collaboratively creating a document that was very physical, honest and visceral.

The outlines made by the bodies could have only happened if there were bodies to make them.

These bodies need to be validated and held, along with the communities that come together to strengthen them.

I would like to thank: Cathy, BC, Heather, Katherine, Claire, Davyn, Carrie, Floyd, Amanda, Anne-Marie, Oliver, Susan, Cudzcrow, Adeewan, Kathy and every body that has ever contributed to the Allan Gardens Community Sunday Lunch 

Rest In Peace Carrie Lester (May 24th 1960 - February 24 2018) 

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